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Rabidly pro-Trump ‘prophet’ gets pushed out by his own church

When Facebook’s Oversight Board upheld Facebook’s decision to lock Donald Trump out of his Facebook and Instagram accounts, it should have been bad news to the rabidly pro-Trump, charismatic Pentecostal “prophets” who have been insisting that Trump’s return to the White House is nigh. After all, it’s pretty clear that Trump made the board’s decision for it with his obstinate insistence that he had victory stolen from him.

COVID-19 variants soar in Florida in weeks after crowded spring break

The restaurant business is booming in Florida, propped up by “a huge spring break and tourist influx,” reports The Washington Post as prelude to yet another story about how Americans are still not eagerly lining up to take the worst jobs in America even though restaurant owners really, really would prefer they did. But something else is booming in Florida as well, due to that same “huge” spring break: The COVID-19 pandemic.

Elon Musk Is Not Just a Celebrity

However your 2021 is going, what’s undeniable is that after Donald Trump left office earlier this year, a strange cultural quietude settled upon America. No one would dare call it peace. But the audiences for TV news and online media immediately shrunk. Rather than fretting quite as much about an imminent civil war, commentators have been arguing about sexy hip-hop videos.