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Republican Joe Lombardo unseats Democratic Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak

UPDATE: Saturday, Nov 12, 2022 · 2:18:08 AM +00:00 · Joan McCarter

Democrats will hold both chambers of the legislature, so Lombardo will definitely be checked by the legislative branch. 

Republican Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo has toppled incumbent Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak, winning the Nevada governor’s office for Republicans.

Arizona conspiracy cranks are staking out ballot boxes because they have no actual lives to live

Arizona Trump supporters have gotten themselves a new hobby in these last weeks of the 2022 elections: Showing up just outside the legally protected 75′ perimeter around public ballot drop boxes in Maricopa County to watch voters turning in their ballots. Sometimes while sporting tactical vests and/or weapons. Sometimes while capturing videos of the voters that arrive or taking pictures of their license plates.

Campaign Action

This has led to confrontations, of course.

Rubio to hold event with coup plotter Trump, and Republicans are tittering about who’s not invited

Donald Trump, a traitor, will be holding a Miami rally for Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio on Nov. 6, just two days before Election Day. You might think that the biggest news here is that Marco Rubio remains so eager to ally with the orchestrator of a violent attempted coup against our government, a coup that led to deaths and could well have led to the deaths of many of Rubio’s own supposed colleagues.

Tip: If you’re staking out elections offices with ‘night vision goggles,’ you’re doing it wrong

Reuters has an update on the influx of Republican Party-backed “election observers” looking for evidence of all that invisible election fraud their treason-backing party leaders keep bellowing about, and it’s mostly more of the same. We learned earlier about Republican election training sessions that featured GOP partisans brazenly recommending ways to violate election laws by, for example, smuggling in smartphones or other recording devices.

U.S.-Saudi relationship crumbling quickly as U.S. accuses kingdom of siding with Putin

The relationship between the United States and the journalist-killing Saudi Arabian monarchy is deteriorating quickly after the OPEC Plus decision to further cut world oil production, a move publicly blasted by the United States as an attempt to bolster consortium member Russia’s efforts to starve Europe of energy in the coming winter as means of pressuring European nations into reducing their support for Ukraine.

White House signals it may support new arms embargo after Saudi moves to boost Putin

The United States’ relationship with oil-producing Saudi Arabia has never risen to the status of “good,” and soured considerably after the Saudi monarchy’s murder of a Washington Post correspondent who criticized the regime. While it does depend somewhat on whether the current American president is or is not a sociopath, murdering journalists is allegedly something we still take quite seriously in our own diplomatic relations.

Republicans lean into racism, fascism, and glorification of sedition in weekend Nevada rally

Donald Trump and Republican candidates held a Nevada rally on Saturday. Thanks to the speakers, there was no attempt to misdirect or moderate the speeches. What was on display was the heart of Republicanism’s new fascism. Racism; paranoia; hoax promotion; a focus not on winning elections, but on winning the power to administer and subjugate them. Highlights of the event come via Acyn.


The Herschel Walker abortion story again shows that Republicanism stands for nothing at all

Again: There is no underlying Republican philosophy. None at all, aside from an insistence that anything a Republican does is good and anyone who criticizes a Republican is bad. Republican voters don’t care if you have sex with minors (Matt Gaetz), help cover up the sexual abuse of student-athletes (Jim Jordan), troll local malls looking for teen girls to sexually assault (Roy Moore), or commit actual treason against the republic (Donald What’s-His-Name).

Everything Donald Trump touches dies

After being scraped out of the White House and deposited back at Mar-a-Lago, it didn’t take long for Donald J. Trump to begin holding for-profit events that looked and sounded a lot like campaign rallies but have, in fact, been nothing but personal cash grabs.

Mastriano launches ’40 days of fasting’ to save campaign, doesn’t say who’ll be doing the fasting

Pro-sedition traitorous sleazebag Doug Mastriano’s campaign for the Pennsylvania governorship hasn’t been going well. He’s been battling with the House committee investigating his own involvement in the Jan. 6 coup attempt; he’s been receiving heat for hanging out with antisemites, seditionists, and other denizens of the far-right sewer; new videos are constantly appearing of Mastriano making horrific remarks or advocating for horrific things.

A gutless Ken Paxton tries to preen after bravely fleeing from a court’s process server

At this point, we have probably all heard of “indicted for seven damn years now” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s brave efforts to dodge a process server trying to serve him with a subpoena. But hearing about it is not enough. It’s important to also make fun of him, because Jeebus, this dude is going all-in trying to portray himself as having barely dodged some of the rampant violence going on down in Texas these days.

Michigan Supreme Court orders board to place abortion protections, voting rights on November ballot

In a just-released ruling, the Michigan Supreme Court has ordered the Board of State Canvassers to certify for the ballot the Reproductive Freedom For All petition intended to enshrine abortion rights into the state constitution. “It is undisputed that there are sufficient signatures to warrant certification,” notes the court, while shooting down arguments over “sufficient space between certain words.

The party of treason

Top Republican Party lawmakers and officials screamed to see the search warrant. They screamed again to see the “affidavit.” When both of those made Donald J.

CNN’s report on a ‘nervous’ Trump may be Republican wishful thinking

There’s a new CNN report that suggests failed coup planner and ongoing traitor to his country Donald Trump might be wavering on that supposedly-maybe-imminent declaration that he’s running for president again, and it needs to be taken with All The Salt because this is the sort of story that gets offered up to the media when somebody in political inner circles wants to make something happen, not suggest something is happening.

News Roundup: Biden delivers student loan relief; Graham really, really doesn’t want to testify

It’s a big deal: An announcement from President Joe Biden forgiving $10,000 in student loan debt—$20,000 for Pell Grant recipients—puts a dent in the latest crisis of capitalism, but it’s the provision that freezes loan interest so that it can’t keep growing even as borrowers make their monthly payments that may do the most for ex-students suffering from predatory loan structures. As Sen.