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Putin waited to invade Ukraine because a second-term Trump would have handed it to him

As Russian forces mounted their military invasion of Ukraine, it took exactly zero hours for pro-Trump (and sometimes pro-Putin) Republicans to claim that none of this would be happening if Donald Dear Leader Trump was in charge. That argument has faded a bit in the last few days, likely because Trump himself showed up to bloviate about it and there are few Republican arguments that can withstand 10 minutes of Donald Trump saying things.

News Roundup: Trump’s accounting firm disavows their numbers; top Michigan Republican in big trouble

In the news today: Crimes. Lots and lots of crimes. The Michigan Republican Party is reeling after one of the state’s top Republicans, Lee Chatfield, had his home raided by police in the midst of campaign embezzlement and sexual assault accusations. Donald Trump’s longtime accounting firm has cut ties with him, writing that they can no longer stand behind ten years of financial numbers from the Trump Organization and that those documents “should not be relied upon.

News Roundup: EV goes (very) mainstream; Senate to finally patch up U.S. Postal Service

In the news today: As new Democratic infrastructure funding looks to fill out the nation’s roadways with a comprehensive map of new charging stations, car manufacturers looked to fill out Super Bowl commercial time with slick ads for vehicles that leave the combustion engine behind. Some actually good news out of the Senate, where lawmakers aim to undo one of the nastiest attempts to sabotage the U.S. Postal Service—but, of course, there’s a Republican complication.

News Roundup: Giuliani tried to seize Michigan voting machines; Cawthorn gets a reality check

In the news today: It’s a day of the week, which means yet another revelation as to just how serious, and how encompassing, the Trump-Giuliani efforts to erase a presidential election really were. A state elections board has informed Rep. Madison Cawthorn that actually, they do have the power to throw him off the ballot if it is determined that Cawthorn aided and abetted an insurrection.

News Roundup: Far-right threats mount; Republicans videotape a criminal conspiracy

In the news today: If you don’t count the Sunday shows, which were the usual conveyor belt of Republicans brought on to advertise themselves and dodge questions about their support for an attempted coup, it was a slow news day. And we’re not going to count the Sunday shows, because spending each and every weekend helping to promote the agendas of American politicians who have worked for four years to legitimize and cover for partisan crimes is the opposite of news. Enough.

News Roundup: Republican coup plot nearly dragged in NSA; Iowa Republicans want to spy on your kids

In the news today: There seem to be few parts of the government that Republicans didn’t try to subvert in the attempt to topple the United States government last January, and you can now count the National Security Agency among them. There also seem to be few parts of the plan that Trump’s alleged “legal” team weren’t directly involved with.

Outside of Washington, D.C., Republican attacks on schools are only heating up.

News Roundup: Trump promises pardons for Jan. 6 seditionists; Spotify’s disinformation problem

In the news today: In a Saturday rally, Donald Trump promised presidential pardons for those involved with the Jan. 6 insurrection if he reclaims the presidency. He also urged supporters to take to the streets if prosecutors attempt to hold him, personally, accountable for crimes. It was a fascist speech to a fascist Republican party—and was hardly remarked upon by any of the Republican lawmakers who continue to kiss his delusional behind.

Fascism: Trump vows pardons for Jan. 6 seditionists, calls for nationwide protests if indicted

Republican Party leader and traitor to the nation Donald Trump continues to test new rally waters in anticipation of a repeat presidential bid. On Saturday the delusional narcissist made no particular effort to hide his disgust for the law and for those who would hold him to it, delivering an ugly, unhinged, and unabashedly fascist speech to a crowd of like-minded traitors.

His most newsworthy proclamation was a vow to pardon the seditionists of the January 6 insurrection.

News Roundup: Breyer to retire; Tucker pushes neo-Nazi conspiracy on behalf of authoritarian leader

In the news today: Supreme Court Stephen Breyer has reportedly made the decision to retire at the end of the court’s current term; the decision would allow President Joe Biden to name a replacement while Democrats are in control of the Senate, foiling potential Republican plans to deny yet another court seat to a Democratic president. Another key insurrection figure loses the fight to hide his records from investigators.

News Roundup: Draft Trump order outlined plans for coup; Biden team views new abortion protections

In the news today: A newly disclosed draft executive order provided a roadmap of how the Trump White House contemplated using military force to nullify Trump’s election loss, including the seizure of voting machines, and retain power. The Biden administration is vowing to recommit to federal abortion rights as the hard-right Supreme Court signals its intent to erase the same.

News Roundup: Senators block voting protections; Georgia grand jury to probe Trump, allies

In the news today: As expected, two Democratic senators joined all Republican senators to filibuster a vote on voting rights protections that would stop the unconscionable new state laws intended to make voting more difficult and time-consuming.

Georgia has been one of the states most egregious in inventing new obstacles to the vote, citing conspiracists’ claims of “fraud” as justification.

News Roundup: Senate battle for voting protections; Supreme Court rejects latest Trump gambit

In the news today: Tonight saw the latest Senate battle to protect voting rights even as Republican-held state legislatures pass unprecedented rollbacks targeting those rights. What’s next is unclear, but Democratic leaders organized the vote tonight as a move to force the two Senate Democratic holdouts—as well as all Senate Republicans—on record for blocking the urgently needed protections.

News Roundup: Senate voting rights fight gears up; Trump team gets another round of subpoenas

In the news today: The battle to protect voting rights is coming to a head in the Senate, where Democrats appear to be going forward with a plan to put filibuster proponents on record with their claims that a Senate rule that is, in current form, younger than the movie Jaws is more important than protecting Americans from new rules designed to keep voters from ballot boxes. Yet more subpoenas for those around Trump.

News Roundup: Jim Jordan continues his record of hiding crimes; new fake COVID cure is weirdest yet

In the news today: House Republican Rep. Jim Jordan was once eager to mention that he’d been speaking with Donald Trump the very day Trump and his team assembled an angry mob to “march” to Congress as part of a broader plan to erase Trump’s election loss. Once it became clear that the contents of those conversations could constitute evidence of sedition, however, the loudest member of Congress clammed right up.

News Roundup: Manhattan D.A. looks to reduce incarcerations; CDC director causes new fury

In the news today: Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is instituting new policies that will seek jail time only for the most serious offenses. That’s consistent with research showing that incarceration for minor crimes is both expensive and ineffective—but the city’s police commissioner is furious. A lawsuit accuses Facebook of abetting a murderous insurrectionist group with algorithms that effectively work as recruitment tools for those groups.

News Roundup: One year from the Jan. 6 insurrection, Republican extremism has only grown

In the news today: The anniversary of the Jan. 6 insurrection, a day when Donald Trump, his allies, a majority of Republican lawmakers, and a violent mob attempted to nullify the results of a United States election rather than abide an election loss.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

• ‘He lost’: Biden delivers stinging rebuke of Trump, GOP on one-year anniversary of Capitol siege

• In the year since Jan.

News Roundup: Omicron closing schools despite political vows; Republican support for violence rises

In the news today: Omicron. Omicron, omicron, omicron. While politicians posture and bicker over who can keep schools open longest or manage this new mega-surge with the least “disruption,” the virus at the center of the surge isn’t listening—and that means schools and other services are being shuttered not because any politician ordered it to happen or not happen, but there are simply too many people out sick to make things function.