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Walter Einenkel

News Roundup: Biden makes moves on climate; Texas, oh Texas; undoing Trump’s cruelties

The Biden administration took a step forward in combatting climate change while taking two steps back in humanizing our immigration policies. Tucker Carlson remains a homophobic hack, with jokes that would have embarrassed a stand-up comedian in the 1980s. Texas continues attacking children, this time focusing on trans youth. John Deere workers are going on strike—10,000 strong. And Andrew McCabe gets his retirement back now that Trump is gone.

News Roundup: Debt ceiling hiked; DeSantis pays for bad advice; TX wants to control private business

Welcome to Tuesday, everybody! The legislative branch of the government was able to take time away from not getting anything done to lift the debt ceiling, so that’s something. Centrist—or more honestly, conservative—Democrats continue to hide behind their even more cowardly Republican counterparts. Corruption pays in Florida. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the blinding hypocrisy of Texas Gov.

Donald Trump’s need for Hollywood acceptance the only reason Ivanka not president of World Bank

At the start of 2019, Jim Yong Kim “made the surprise announcement” that he would be stepping down at the end of January after six years as the president of the World Bank. Kim was not due to leave until 2022, and that institution’s leadership has always been something the United States—and more specifically the acting president of the United States—gets to choose.

Anti-vaxxers yelling at school kids get a response they weren’t expecting

Across the country there has been a Koch-funded Republican caravan of anti-mask and anti-vaccine protests. The levels of disruption and threats to school boards and students getting back to school has varied. Republican operatives have used this as an issue with which they can promote what is left of their long-abandoned platforms of “small government” and “family values.

News Roundup: Senate pays credit card bill; Texas GOP attack trans youth; border ‘wall’ is a con

It is Friday! Republican Senate ogre Mitch McConnell was able to find nine other GOP senators willing to extend the payments for debt they created, at least for another couple of months. Texas continues to do whatever reactionary bigot Gov. Abbott (and his billionaire donor) wants do these days. And young alleged white supremacist murderer Kyle Rittenhouse has a new, grotesque defense.

Tell-all book paints Sen. Lindsey Graham as a ‘freeloader’ who would ‘stuff his face’ with food

On Tuesday, former White House press secretary and top Trump aide Stephanie Grisham released her tell-all book, something something something blah blah blah. Early leaks from the book gave a very believable account of the insecurities, the arrogance, the pettiness, and the incompetence that emanated from the Trump administration. Grisham is an unreliable narrator but so is every single person she talks about.

News Roundup: Progressives hold fast; Sinema confronted; GOP COVID lies continue killing Americans

It is Monday! Rise and shine! Progressives have been able to stop the unconscionable lack of action on the part of Sens. Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin, for now. The Jan. 6, 2021 attempted coup d’etat may not be the GOP’s favorite subject because so many of them are implicated in potentially criminal behavior. Our pandemic threatens to last far longer than it should and nobody wins if it does.

News Roundup: Biden wins bad on immigration; U.S mail slows down; GOP exposes its military hypocrisy

Hello Friday people! This week, like the last week, and the one before that, and the one before that has been filled with the disappointing scent of eau de Manchinema. The consequences of having had four years of an administration hell-bent on raiding the coffers and obliterating the public trust in our democracy are hurdles we must continue to overcome on the march toward progress.

Well wishes come in from everywhere as Jimmy Carter turns 97

On Friday, Oct. 1, 2021, former President Jimmy Carter turned 97. The oldest living American president spent the day at home. President Joe Biden offered up this salutation: “Happy 97th Birthday to my dear friend, President Jimmy Carter. A humble servant of God. A beacon of light and moral clarity. A leader of extraordinary character, honor, and integrity. @FLOTUS and I send our love to you and Rosalynn on this special day.

News Roundup: Biden wins election again; Jan. 6 subpoenas; anti-maskers embarrass themselves … more

It is Friday. Finally, subpoenas were sent out to some of Trump’s closest dirtbags. The conspiracy theorists take another hit as reality once again gets in the way of their made up election story. Florida Republicans are trying to sink Florida in the name of freedom, and the GOP and its most rabid supporters continue promoting the idea that our country should be turned into a dictatorship of billionaires. You know, to stop the other billionaires.

The Daily Show went to an anti-mask rally so you don’t have to. Here’s what happened

The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper has made a name for himself by going to various MAGA and MAGA-adjacent events to interview the participants and see what their positions are. The humor comes from the fact that most Trumper types think with their guts and not with their heads. This is consistent with their anti-science and anti-reality-based positions on elections, on vaccines, and on masks.

Lauren Boebert really wants to impeach Biden, but she should have hired a proofreader first

The campaign finances of Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado have been the subject of a lot of speculation. The seemingly corrupt and possibly illegal ways she has used her campaign’s finances to pay for personal items—like $20,000 worth of gasoline and rent. She’s not particularly bright, but neither are most of her colleagues. She’s petty, suspected of being tied up deeply in the Jan.

The Daily Show reminds us a former conservative freedom cause: No seatbelts

The big issue facing our country today is whether or not vaccine mandates, or even mask mandates, are American! Do we need a nationalized healthcare system or a robust infrastructure bill, or some kind of regulation on our totalitarian income inequality situation? Nope. Mandates on proven public health measures are still a flashpoint for the policy-free GOP.

Newsmax host freaks out after veteran points out Donald Trump was ‘fairly weak’ on Afghanistan

Joe Saboe is a 36-year-old Iraq war veteran. He started Team America by chance. The group has been described as “an impromptu network of veterans and citizen volunteers who came together to execute an ad hoc mission to get American citizens and Afghan allies safely out of Kabul before the American airlift ends.” With around 200 volunteers, Team America is one of many groups trying to coordinate and evacuate Afghan allies.

Disgraced Republican Speaker Hastert cuts settlement deal with one of the men he abused as a child

Disgraced former Republican Speaker of the House and convicted child molester Dennis Hastert has reportedly settled one of his ongoing legal issues surrounding his abuse of teenagers during his time as a wrestling coach at Yorkville High School, Illinois. The Associated Press reports that a “tentative out-of-court settlement” was reached between Hastert and one of the men he abused as a child regarding hush money Hastert had promised to pay back in 2010.

Comedian Norm MacDonald has passed away after privately battling cancer for nine years

Today, Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021, many of us were surprised and saddened by the news that comedian Norm MacDonald had passed away “after a long and private battle with cancer.” MacDonald reportedly kept his diagnosis quiet from many family and friends, as well. MacDonald was best known as a player on Saturday Night Live, as a frequent talk show guest on Late Night with David Letterman and Conan O’Brien. Norm was 61-year-old.

U.S. federal government opens civil rights investigation into Florida’s mask bans

On Friday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis won a victory for bad public health when a three-judge panel in the 1st District Court of Appeals ruled that the governor could continue trying to punish school districts that enacted mask mandates for their schools. The decision overruled 2nd Judicial Circuit Court Judge John C. Cooper’s ruling that the governor’s ban on mask mandates was unconstitutional.

News Roundup: Biden administration goes on the offensive; lessons from the pandemic

It’s Friday! The Biden administration continues its work of trying to fix the last guy’s mess while moving us into a future where we don’t rely on rich benefactors to get women medical care and dead dinosaurs to power our cars. This week was also a reminder that Jeff Yang always was (and remains) most interested in helping Jeff Yang. In spooky news, another version of Scott Walker walks among us! 

Here is some of what you may have missed.

NY deputy mayor arrested after raid turns up ‘arsenal’ of weapons and fake IDs

The 47-year-old deputy mayor of Airmont, NY, is facing 30 state and federal criminal charges. Last week, Brian Downey was arrested on weapons charges after law enforcement found illegal weapons and fake IDs in his home. NPR reports that a raid of Downey’s home turned up “16 assault weapons and 13 silencers,” as well as “a stash of fake federal IDs, including FBI credentials.

Lawsuit alleges high-profile GOP operative is child sex trafficking ‘ringmaster’

Early in August, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Minnesota announced the arrest of 30-year-old Anton “Tony” Lazzaro. Lazzaro is charged with multiple counts of sex trafficking with at least six minor victims. A couple of days later, a 19-year-old Minnesota woman, Gisela Castro Medina, was arrested in Florida and named Lazzaro’s co-defendant in the case.

Sen. Ron Johnson secretly recorded telling a constituent the truth about the Big Lie

Reporter and activist Laura Windsor has been doing a very good job of getting Republican operatives and elected officials to admit the truth on camera. She has used her The Under Current show to expose how cynical and counterproductive to democracy the GOP is at this point in time. On Tuesday, Windsor released some video of Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin admitting there was no election fraud going on in Wisconsin during the 2020 elections.

An attorney for Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has been arrested on child solicitation charges

Republican Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama is in the news again. No, it’s not because she’s signed another bill attacking people’s right to choose what they do with their bodies; and no, it’s not because she just signed a bill to make it harder for people in her state to vote. It’s because one of her state attorneys—and former deputy general counsel in the Office of Governor—has been arrested on a child solicitation charge.

Rudy Giuliani did an interview to counter his declining reputation, but confirmed it instead

In recent years, Rudy Giuliani’s corruptions and the cynical mediocrity of his Trump cabal have led to more and more public humiliations, culminating in his election fraud, kraken team, and dripping hair-dye antics. The onetime prosecutor is so unhinged both politically and aesthetically it is sometimes hard to remember how dangerous a position of power and persuasion he continues to have … to some degree.