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Former Houston cop faces 20 years in prison for driving man off the road due to election conspiracy

On Tuesday, former Houston police captain Mark Aguirre was indicted on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for his 2020 attack on and air conditioning technician he believed was secretly transporting 750,000 “harvested ballots.” In the middle of the day, the 64-year-old Aguirre reportedly slammed his SUV into the technician’s work truck and then rushed upon him and pressed a gun to his head.

Taylor Energy billionaire used oil spill cleanup to avoid taxes for over a decade

In 2004, Hurricane Ivan tore through the Gulf of Mexico. One of the worst disasters wrought by Ivan’s wrath was damage to an offshore oil rig, owned by Louisiana-based company Taylor Energy, which fell over—uncapping the well beneath. Crude oil began to fill the Gulf.

Taylor Energy first lied and said that only a few gallons of oil were leaking every day out of the broken well, while they worked to plug the holes created by Ivan and their rig.

Evangelical anti-vaxx ‘rebel’ reveals father ended up in ER after whole family contracts COVID-19

The evangelical right in our country is not populated by people promoting long-term thinking. While most Christians believe that vaccinations are miraculous ways in which science has been able to help humanity fend off disease and death, evangelicals continue to promote an end-of-times eschatological Judeo-Christian view of the world that has been wrong about the coming apocalypse for about 2,100 years now. Never fear, at some point they’ll get it right.

Former GOP Michigan elections canvasser and big lie supporter spent Thanksgiving in ICU with COVID

William Hartmann made headlines when he, along with fellow canvasser Monica Palmer, voted to block the certification of Wayne County, Michigan’s 2020 election results. Wayne County encompasses the predominantly Black city of Detroit. Hartmann, an overtly racist MAGA supporter with a social media presence populated by equally racist propaganda, only seemed to have a problem with Black votes but said he was fine with certifying white, more conservative areas.

Building back and replanting: How we can tackle climate change through focusing on our federal lands

Republicans have argued for decades that what we used to call global warming and now call climate change is a hoax. And for all those decades, they’ve been, and still are, wrong.

Climate change is real. Human-driven climate change is real. So far, humanity has failed in its custodial duty to the planet and the ecosystems that have provided us with existence for some six million years.

I’m thankful for this 94-year-old Polish antifa veteran who continues to slam neo-fascists

Wanda Traczyk-Stawska is an outspoken 94-year-old Polish freedom fighter. She is a veteran of the Warsaw uprising, joining the resistance when she was 17 years old. Her youth and small stature earned her the nickname “Doughnut” within the resistance. She was a hardcore anti-fascist. She still is a hardcore anti-fascist. That fight extends today to the rights of women, migrants, and refugees.

13-year-old boy uses his Make-A-Wish to feed homeless because Mississippi officials don’t

Last year, 13-year-old Adeola “Abraham” Olagbegi was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, aplastic anemia, that required him to undergo surgery for a bone marrow transplant. The good news is that Olagbegi’s transplant was a success. Olagbegi had another bit of good news coming his way on top of his successful surgery: The Make-A-Wish foundation was going to grant him a wish.

Watch Denver journalist condemn Lauren Boebert for saying ‘cruel, false, and bigoted’ things

On Wednesday, Republican pooperstar Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, one of the more wretched politicians allowed onto the House floor, spewed out an Islamophobic, invective-filled rant. Specifically, she attacked Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, saying she was part of the “Jihad squad” and also saying she had two husbands, one of whom is her brother. Boebert also accused Rep. Omar of funding Islamic terrorism. She literally said all of teose things.

News Roundup: Rittenhouse and white supremacist get a win in court; BBB passes thru the House

It is Friday. Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of all charges today after shooting dead two Kenosha, Wisconsin, protesters and injuring a third. While the decision was not surprising, as weeks of bizarre behavior by the judge made it clear how the scales of justice were being weighed, it is no less disheartening. But there are battles still being won and the long march toward justice for all continues.

QAnon mascot’s lawyer blasts Trump: ‘Take care of a lot of the jackasses that you f^%@*d up’

On Wednesday, Jacob Chansley, the QAnon mascot, was sentenced to 41 months in jail. Chansley, sans painted face and buffalo headdress, told the courtroom that he was sorry for his actions: “I am not an insurrectionist. I am certainly not a domestic terrorist. I am a good man who broke the law.” U.S. District Senior Judge Royce Lamberth told Chansley during the steep sentencing: “What you did was terrible. You made yourself the epitome of the riot.

105-year-old Julia Hawkins breaks 100-meter dash record, and my back hurts from sleeping wrong

Back in the summer of 2017, 101-year-old Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins set a couple of world records when she competed in the USA Track and Field Outdoors Masters Championships. The sprinter became the oldest female athlete to ever compete in the events, and at the time she crushed the existing world record for the 100 metes, at that age bracket, with a 40.12 second time. At the time Hawkins joked that she “missed my nap for this.”

On Saturday, Nov.

Mitch McConnell’s daughter tweeted about the need to pass the Voting Rights Act

The Washington Post has published a quasi-profile of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. It is a halfhearted attempt at pretending that the man who led the Republican Party to do nothing except deregulate and lower taxes on the wealthiest Americans and corporations while fostering the rabid bigotry of a disenfranchisement-fearing white voter base (which led to electing Donald Trump) is somehow in a weird place now.

News Roundup: Biden’s DOJ sues Texas; Florida’s DeSantis is a coward; Biden’s infrastructure plan

It is Friday. It has been another week filled with names like Manchin and Sinema, along with words like “conservative” and “blame.” But we are on the precipice of having our government accomplishing something! It has been a tough week for progressives and the centrist discourse that the traditional media promotes, and has always promoted, is once again searching for surface-level answers to poorly thought out questions about our country’s deepest concerns.

Judge releases Jan. 6 insurgent into parents’ custody, says no more Fox News at home

Thomas Sibick is accused of ripping off DC Metro Police Officer Michael Fanone’s badge and radio during the melee that left Officer Fanone unconscious. The Buffalo, New York, resident tried to lie his way out of an arrest, after video evidence—including images of Sibick showing off a stolen riot shield after the attack—was shared with the FBI online. Sibick faces up to 15 years in prison for his part in the Jan.

What do Tucker Carlson’s fans sound like? Rep. Swalwell releases voicemail threats to show us

California Rep. Eric Swalwell, like many Democratic officials, has been the target of right-wing media personalities like Tucker Carlson—largely because he is consistently vocal about GOP malfeasance and hypocrisy. On Thursday, Rep. Swalwell posted a voicemail message he received filled with hate, invective, racism, homophobia, and wishes for his torture and death.

News Roundup: Sinema feels the heat; a new DeJoy scandal; climate change comes for greedy deniers

It is Friday. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s tour de delusion may be coming to an end, as the disappointing senator might have finally realized she technically does have a job. It is impossible to overstate how essential doing away with the filibuster is to a healthy democracy. There’s a new Postal Service scandal, care of DeJoy. Conservatives may finally begin to worry about climate change as it threatens their wallets.

Tennessee Republican stands in chamber, claims the Civil War isn’t over—and the ‘South is winning’

Tennessee state Sen. Frank Niceley has been around for a while. He’s the kind of special scumbag that supports big government subsidies for guns but opposed his own Republican governor’s deal to expand health care coverage to Tennesseans back in 2015. 

On Wednesday, Tennessee legislators passed a “nearly $900 million spending package aimed at clearing the way for Ford Motor Company’s $5.

‘Not a cult at all’: The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper heads to Iowa Trump rally so you don’t have to

The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper has made a comedy name for himself for his field pieces, where he interacts with the illogical circus that is MAGA Americana. As far as comedy field pieces go, the MAGA crowd has always been like shooting fish in a barrel as there are so many lost, confused, and outright ridiculous folks to interview at any MAGA or MAGA-related event.

News Roundup: Biden makes moves on climate; Texas, oh Texas; undoing Trump’s cruelties

The Biden administration took a step forward in combatting climate change while taking two steps back in humanizing our immigration policies. Tucker Carlson remains a homophobic hack, with jokes that would have embarrassed a stand-up comedian in the 1980s. Texas continues attacking children, this time focusing on trans youth. John Deere workers are going on strike—10,000 strong. And Andrew McCabe gets his retirement back now that Trump is gone.