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News Roundup: Giuliani suspended; infrastructure deal; pro-Trump network floats mass executions

In the news today: Trump fixer Rudy Giuliani’s license to practice law in New York is suspended after a pattern of flagrant lying about supposed election “fraud” in and outside courtrooms. The White House and a group of 10 senators announced an agreement on “bipartisan” infrastructure funding—but both the details and the supposed bipartisanship that will allow it to pass remain sketchy.

News Roundup: Infrastructure ‘bipartisanship’ still not a thing; DeSantis steals Trump’s crown?

In the news today: The Senate continues to plod its way towards a recognition that Republicans won’t be contributing to a “bipartisan” infrastructure plan or anything else. A new straw poll ranks Florida Man and Trump impersonator Ron DeSantis over Trump himself in Republican 2024 presidential preferences, so get ready for some truly blistering Trump attacks. In the meantime, Texas Gov.

News Roundup: Biden meets Putin; Fox defends insurrection with yet another conspiracy theory

In the news today: President Biden had his first meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and it went … pretty much as expected. Senate Democrats are preparing to use reconciliation rules to push forward infrastructure spending in the face of unified Republican stonewalling. A new Republican conspiracy theory is ramping up, this one claiming that Actually, it wasn’t Trump supporters who staged the Jan. 6 insurrection, and it wasn’t antifa either.

News Roundup: Senate still stalled; G7 promises; ICE propaganda office scrapped

In the news today: The G7 nations agree to steep cuts in carbon emissions, but offer few details on how to reach that goal. The Senate continues to vigorously and self-importantly do nothing. And the Biden administration scraps both a white nationalism-themed Trump propaganda project and the redirection of $2 billion in military construction funds towards Trump’s Big Border Erection.

G7 makes big climate pledges, but the details are lacking

While many hoped the return of United States competence would swiftly translate into bold international climate action, the results of the G7 summit are mixed. On one hand, the G7 nations made a new promise to cut carbon emissions in half before the end of this decade—an aggressive move towards cleaner energy sources. On the other hand, an international climate pledge and two dollars will get you a cup of coffee, and not much else.

News Roundup: Lafayette Square report doesn’t match evidence; Jan. 6 was ‘tip of the iceberg’

In the news today: A Trump-appointed inspector general’s claims that the gassing of peaceful protesters had nothing to do with a planned Trump publicity stunt is at odds with known facts. Investigations into the Jan. 6 insurrection continue, despite Republican attempts at stonewalling. The Arizona “audit” gets challenged by real experts who say they can produce a more accurate count without ever leaving their homes.

News Roundup: Two government reports dodge accountability for Trump era violence

In the news today: The Keystone XL pipeline project is dead, for now. As the Senate releases a report on the Jan. 6 insurrection so focused on avoiding Republican ire as to be useless, a Trump-appointed inspector general announces that a violent push to clear Lafayette Park in the very moments before Trump announced he’d be taking a walk there was actually just a huuuuuuuuge coincidence.

News Roundup: The Senate remains paralyzed; Trump returns to stoke new hoaxes and delusions

In the news today: Joe Manchin, still. As Republicans nationwide continue to tighten voting restrictions and grant themselves new powers to reject vote totals, the Senate remains seemingly incapable of mounting a response—any response. Pants or no pants, new Donald Trump appearances seem to support the fears of his closest (anonymous) supporters: The man is both in the throes of delusion and a singular threat to this nation’s democracy.

News Roundup: DeJoy under investigation; Gaetz probe widens; Trump plans new rallies

In the news today: Postmaster General Louise DeJoy joins the ranks of Trump-allied officials known to be under federal investigation. Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, already being investigated for the alleged sex trafficking of a minor, is now being probed over a potential cover-up scheme. Donald Trump will soon be reinitiating public rallies—but, according to allies, he’s now so delusional that he believes he could be returned to office by August, toppling Joe Biden.

News Roundup: Scholars warn democracy is in danger; voting rights legislation remains stalled

In the news today: A Senate parliamentarian ruling appears to sharply limit new reconciliation options, giving Republicans a boost in their efforts to block new infrastructure spending. 100 scholars issue a public warning that Republican actions are putting the nation’s democracy at dire risk. And Joe Biden singles out two Democratic senators who continue to protect a Senate tradition long used to sabotage civil and voting rights.

90% of Americans believe they’re above average when it comes to spotting fake news

If I were to tell you that Donald Trump’s proposed “Garden of Heroes” was being resurrected by the Biden administration to form the basis of a new national theme park, one with blackjack and bumper cars, would you believe me? You might, because it is an objectively spectacular idea and it’d be a damn shame if nobody followed up on that.

News Roundup: Republican attacks on democracy cannot go unanswered

In the news today: Texas Democrats were able to stall a racist bill again targeting voting rights in the state, but without federal action such victories will be short lived. After Senate Republicans refused, as “favor” to Sen. Mitch McConnell, to allow a special prove of the January 6 insurrection, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi intends to push a probe forward by other means.

News Roundup: Texas and Alabama attack voting rights (again); anti-vax shop owner apologizes

In the news today: Republican-held states like Texas and Alabama continue their attacks on democracy with new restrictions intended to make voting more difficult, more time consuming, and (during a pandemic) more dangerous. And an anti-vaccine shop owner in Nashville has gotten a blistering national response for comparing pandemic vaccination programs to … the Holocaust. Really.

News Roundup: Republican filibuster; ‘infrastructure’ still stalled; Texas deaths

In the news today: As of this writing, the Senate had not yet voted on the creation of an independent probe into the January 6 insurrection—a probe that Republicans are promising to filibuster, and one that several of the voting Republican senators would likely be asked to testify in. “Bipartisan” infrastructure plans continue to go nowhere.

News Roundup: Grand jury seated in Trump criminal probe; patience with Senate GOP wearing thin

In the news today: A newly seated grand jury begins to hear evidence of criminal behavior inside the Trump Organization. Patience for Republican “negotiations” over infrastructure spending is wearing thin. As Senate Republicans continue efforts to kill a proposed independent probe of the Jan. 6 insurrection, a fallen officer’s mother is asking to meet with the Republicans trying to block the probe from going forward.