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News Roundup: House votes for Jan. 6 commission; Trump Organization target of criminal probe

In the news today: Crime, corruption, and cowardice. The House passes its bill creating an independent commission to investigate the January Insurrection; it now goes to the Senate and an expected Republican filibuster. Intelligence agencies warned of the likelihood of violence from those Trump had gathered that day, but Trump’s Department of Homeland Security sat on the information.

News Roundup: House votes for Jan. 6 commission; Trump Organization target of criminal probe

In the news today: Crime, corruption, and cowardice. The House passes its bill creating an independent commission to investigate the January Insurrection; it now goes to the Senate and an expected Republican filibuster. Intelligence agencies warned of the likelihood of violence from those Trump had gathered that day, but Trump’s Department of Homeland Security sat on the information.

News Roundup: New Trump scandals; Supreme Court delusions; a press in ‘crisis’

In the news today: More fallout from the Trump administration, this time with revelations that Trump’s Department of Justice sought to expose the identity of a satirist who had earned the ire of Trump ally Rep. Devin Nunes. That administration’s attempts to sabotage immigrant rights also appears worse than we had guessed. Attempts to defend the current hard-right Supreme Court as nonpartisan are looking increasingly “deluded.

News Roundup: Supreme Court again threatens abortion rights; new program for parents begins in July

In the news today: The Supreme Court takes up a case that it may use to sharply curtail abortion rights. The Biden administration announces monthly relief checks to American parents will begin in July. After losing the November election, Trump lashed out by demanding large-scale withdrawals of U.S. troops abroad.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

• Supreme Court takes up Mississippi abortion law, setting the stage to overturn Roe v. Wade

• Rep.

News Roundup: Gaetz mocks sex trafficking allegations; America has a fascism problem

In the news today: Never bet that Rep. Matt Gaetz can’t become more repulsive: You will always, always lose. Political pundits and journalists need to identify the post-Trump Republican Party as the anti-democratic, propaganda-peddling fascist movement it is. Republican governors are slashing pandemic unemployment aid, but the reasons they’re using to do it have more to do with racist theories than pandemic realities.

News Roundup: House Republicans remove Cheney, double down on insurrection lies

In the news today: By private voice vote, House Republicans today removed Republican Rep. Liz Cheney from her leadership post after Cheney repeatedly warned that Donald Trump was lying about election fraud and that dishonest House Republicans were helping him do it. A House committee then convened to hear testimony from Trump era officials on the events of the Jan.

Donald Trump’s attempt at a one-man social network is falling very, very flat

If there is one thing that Donald J. Trump is certain of, it’s that the universe and all things within it revolve around Donald J. Trump. Wars, pandemics, mass murders, international terrorism: All are either plots to make Donald Trump personally look bad or are opportunities for Donald Trump to look good. This is what malignant narcissism does to a person.

News Roundup: Biden pushes policy priorities; House Republican civil war continues

In the news today: President Biden’s policy goals remain popular, but still face two big obstacles: The first is a Republican Party looking to sabotage both the White House and the recovery in hopes of winning back electoral power for themselves. The second? Democratic lawmakers worry that plans to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy back to where they were before the destructive 2017 cuts will result in blowback during their own campaigns.

Biden administration gives go-ahead for Vineyard Wind ‘large-scale’ offshore wind farm

Only months into the new Biden administration, the United States is on track to get its first large-scale offshore wind farm. On Tuesday Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo gave approval for the Vineyard Wind project, a new wind farm 12 nautical miles from Martha’s Vineyard. Up to 84 turbines spaced no closer than 1 nautical mile apart will power up to 400,000 New England homes.

News Roundup: Republicans to punish Cheney for opposing election hoax; Arizona ‘audit’ continues

In the news today: House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy sets Wednesday vote to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from leadership due to Cheney’s “relitigating” of whether or not Republicans should continue to promote election hoaxes claiming the last presidential election to have been “stolen.” Not considered “relitigating” the election: the ongoing Arizona Republican election “audit” examining ballots for Asian “bamboo fibers.

Corporate PAC webinar gives advice on defending donations to hoax-promoting lawmakers

At Popular Information, Judd Legum obtained a copy of a webinar hosted by NABPAC (the trade association for corporate PACs) in which a Republican consultant described listening to member companies’ strategies for restarting cash donations to the Republicans, who voted on Jan. 6 to nullify state electoral votes recognizing Joe Biden as winner of the U.S. presidential election.

News Roundup: House Republicans fall into the Big Lie; Florida COVID-19 variants surge

In the news today: As House Republicans solidify plans to oust Rep. Liz Cheney from leadership, devotion to spreading party-favored hoaxes and propaganda becomes a Republican litmus test for membership. It is a fascist movement, and if it can’t win elections it intends to declare democracy itself is rigged against it. And Florida is facing a new post-spring break wave of COVID-19 infections, including the most cases of virus “variants” in any state.

COVID-19 variants soar in Florida in weeks after crowded spring break

The restaurant business is booming in Florida, propped up by “a huge spring break and tourist influx,” reports The Washington Post as prelude to yet another story about how Americans are still not eagerly lining up to take the worst jobs in America even though restaurant owners really, really would prefer they did. But something else is booming in Florida as well, due to that same “huge” spring break: The COVID-19 pandemic.

News Roundup: Pandemic relief in sight; Fox News has a body count; Ron DeSantis sucks up

In the news today: While the hoped-for “herd immunity” is still in doubt, vaccinations are still expected to make serious headway against the COVID-19 pandemic within the next few months. But will Fox News let it happen? A U.S. Capitol police officer beaten severely by insurrectionists is still pleading with Republican lawmakers to stop downplaying the attack that led to at least five deaths. And Florida’s Gov.

News Roundup: Republicans reinforce insurrection hoax; voters aren’t buying GOP whines

In today’s news: House Republicans begin the process of removing Rep. Liz Cheney from her leadership position. Cheney’s sin: Refusing to back the House Republican claims of election “fraud” that led to the attempted toppling of government. Polls show the public still isn’t buying Republican claims that it’s Biden who’s blocking “bipartisanship.

News Roundup: ‘Herd immunity’ slips out of reach; Republican ultimatums; judge reprimands police

In today’s news: Experts now believe high levels of vaccine hesitancy will make it impossible to reach COVID-19 “herd immunity” through vaccinations. That means the virus—and whatever new variants arise as the virus continues to mutate—will now pose a public health threat indefinitely. And yes: Republicans did that. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell gives an ultimatum to Biden.

News Roundup: Biden addresses Congress; Rudy gets raided; India in pandemic crisis

In the news tonight: President Joe Biden delivers his first speech to a joint session of Congress. Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s office is raided by federal investigators looking for more information on the scope of his Ukrainian dealings. India’s healthcare systems are now in full pandemic crisis—a crisis not likely to stop at the nation’s borders.

News Roundup: D.C. statehood; Biden rebuilds climate relationships; Facebook’s role in violence

In the news today: The House passes a bill to grant statehood to Washington, D.C.; Biden attempts to repair international relationships at climate summit; and an internal Facebook report again confirms the company’s central role in spreading election disinformation, far-right hoaxes, and violence long before the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

• House passes bill on statehood for Washington, D.C.

News Roundup: White nationalist fury; COVID-19 scammers; another Biden nominee confirmed

In today’s news: Another historic Biden nominee receives Senate confirmation. Far-right extremists and Tucker Carlson (but I repeat myself) are outraged by a jury’s conviction of George Floyd’s killer. Facebook continues to get people killed, this time through the promotion of con artists, vaccine hoax-crafters, and conspiracy theorists using the social network to disparage pandemic safety for self-promotion and to sell their own (fake) products.

News Roundup: Chauvin guilty; India in crisis; Republicans still blocking insurrection probe

In the news today: Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, on trial for the murder of George Floyd, was found guilty on all counts. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage—as do new climate dangers for Texas’ power grid. And the proposed independent probe of the events surrounding the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection continue to be blocked by the same Republican lawmakers whose disinformation and conspiracy theories led to the violence in the first place.