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Of course he does: Trump wants to meet with Russian president Putin before the November elections

We’re rapidly closing in on election day, which means it’s once again time for Donald Trump to meet with his favorite international strongman, Russian President Vladimir Putin. NBC News cites multiple administration sources to report that Trump wants to meet with Putin in-person, possibly in New York, before the November elections.

What will it be about? The White House seems to be still working that out, based on Trump’s desire to have a meeting for something.

The head of the FDA is forbidden from speaking to press without a Trump ‘minder’

The New York Times has a long look questioning whether Food and Drug Administration head Stephen Hahn is being forced into giving the nation subpar advice on the demand of the anti-science, anti-reality narcissistic idiot manchild posing as the current president. It is full of the usual back and forth, both-siding quotes while laying out reams of evidence that actually this is not a question at all. The plain history shows that Dr.

Kanye West’s bizarre ‘presidential campaign’ seems little more than a Republican sabotage scheme

Most of us have never wasted a moment of our lives worrying about what Kanye West might be thinking, and are not about to start now. Suffice it to say West announced at one point he was running for president, is making few if any serious attempts to follow up on that announcement, and we’ll leave it at that.

What does exist of an actual West campaign, however, seems to be near-entirely a Republican ratfucking operation.

All those pandemic pay cuts America’s top executives were taking? Eh, not so much

As the economy reels from the effects of ongoing pandemic bungling, you may be wondering how America’s valuable and important corporate executives are doing during these trying days.

Fine. They’re doing just fine.

A new survey reported by the The New York Times shows that few public companies have cut executive pay during the pandemic and it’s resulting massive layoffs.

Retailers and reluctant governors finally issuing mask orders, but diehards gonna diehard

The national “debate” over whether to do the literally smallest possible thing to end the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States—put on a damn mask when in a public place—continues to be virulently stupid and good evidence the United States really is an “exceptional” country in, ahem, at least one unfortunate way. We are extremely fortunate in that masks appear to be reasonably effective in combating this particular virus.

Washington R——s partners are bailing out on Dan Snyder, will sell their shares of the team

Washington R——s majority owner Dan Snyder has long been one of the biggest assholes in the NFL, and that is saying something, and is the person most responsible for the team keeping its blatantly racist name even after years of every sentient non-racist human pretty much agreeing that the name is odious and racist and for f—k’s sake just change it already.

Now the rest of the team’s owners want out, reports The Washington Post.

Face the Nation says Trump team has denied CDC interviews for 3 months, but toadies remain plentiful

There is clearly no number of deaths that will make Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and their associated toadies take the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic seriously. On CBS’ Face The Nation, host Margaret Brennan started off by informing viewers that (despite soaring new caseloads), the Trump administration has been blocking interview requests with key government exports for three months.

“We have not been able to get our requests for Dr.

Supreme Court allows Trump administration to resume federal executions after 17-year pause

Though it was buried in yet another frantic news day, on Monday the Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration to resume federal executions by letting stand an appeals court ruling allowing the same. After a 17-year pause, the 60 prisoners on federal death row will now face new execution dates.

It was Attorney General William Barr, of course, who had indicated that his department would be lifting the hiatus.

Over 80% of Republican state lawmakers in Wisconsin voted by mail—while forcing others to the polls

Back in April, Wisconsin Republicans fought bitterly to prevent mail-in voting during a pandemic, instead demanding that voters instead wait in long lines to cast in-person votes despite the literal danger to their lives.

The Associated Press now reports that of those Republican state senators and assembly members, over 80% of them themselves voted absentee in the same election. Specifically, 81% of Republican assembly members and 83% of Republican state senators voted by mail.

Washington Post: Russian bounty program targeting U.S. troops resulted in ‘several’ American deaths

In a new Sunday evening story, The Washington Post cites unidentified sources to confirm that the Russian program offering “bounties” to Taliban militants for killing U.S. forces in Afghanistan is “believed to have resulted in the deaths of several U.S. service members.” It was previously unclear as to whether the Russian program had been successful; the Post’s sources indicate that it was.

Large majority of county voters say Trump’s nominating convention will be a virus-spreading event

A new University of North Florida poll of Duval County voters suggests that the locals are none too happy about the Republican Party’s decision to saddle them with the Pandemic Funtime Hitler Show, aka the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, at the end of August. The poll shows 58% of county residents “strongly or somewhat” oppose hosting the convention, compared to 42% in support.

An angry, pouting Trump is spouting election conspiracy theories—yet again

Donald Trump has nothing on his schedule today and is in a bad mood after being humiliated by poor attendance at the Tulsa, Oklahoma COVID-19 ball pit his advisers set up for him to play in. Because he is a malignant narcissist whose mind is rapidly disintegrating from the dissonance of not being worshipped as the god-king he imagines himself to be, he is going to fill this void by inventing insane conspiracy theories about the plots against him and telling us about them on Twitter.

Matt Gaetz and Ted Cruz get in a Twitter fight with Ron Perlman for some reason

Everything is bad and we can’t have nice things so, instead, please enjoy this long, drawn-out Twitter war between two of the least liked Republican lawmakers in America and … um, famous actor Ron Perlman, for some reason. The pushing-off point was Florida man Rep. Matt Gaetz grunting that well, if there’s going to be be kneeling during the national anthem, maybe we just shouldn’t have soccer at all, you soccer meanies.

Trump administration orders removal of Black Lives Matter banner from U.S. Embassy in Seoul

On Saturday, the American embassy in Seoul, South Korea, hung a large “BLACK LIVES MATTER” banner from their building in support of “fellow Americans grieving and peacefully protesting to demand positive change.”

That banner is now gone again, after Donald Trump and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo learned of its presence. According to Time, both were “displeased” with the display.

The U.S.