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‘My nephew’s death has left us devastated’: Migrant deaths along southern border hit horrific high

El Paso Times this past summer reported a rising number of migrant deaths in the region, many losing their lives due to heat exposure and drowning in dangerous canals. That report said that at least 37 migrants had died in the region since October 2021, approaching the death toll of 39 during the previous fiscal year. Advocates in that report warned of “a major human rights crisis at the border.”

They have been horrifically, tragically correct.

Biden admin reportedly looking at humanitarian parole for some Venezuelan migrants

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s unprovoked invasion have been able to find safety in the U.S. under a successful Biden administration policy implemented this past spring. Under the Uniting for Ukraine policy, Americans can apply to sponsor a Ukrainian refugee (or refugees). The program has been immense, with nearly 125,000 Americans submitting an application as of last month.

Afghanistan vet says Afghan allies who risked lives are ‘deserving to resettle in the U.S.’

U.S Marine veteran Joseph Dietzel writes in Military Times that he had no idea his interpreter Mustafa Aahangaran would become one of his closest friends after being deployed to Afghanistan back in 2010. Dietzel writes that before his deployment, he’d never even met anyone from Afghanistan before.

He said the two soon became “practically inseparable,” sharing meals and stories throughout a dangerous mission.

Panel approves historic nomination for California Supreme Court chief justice

California Supreme Court Associate Justice Patricia Guerrero is now a major step closer to becoming the court’s first Latina chief justice, after a panel approved her nomination last week. The confirmation process is not yet complete, however. Her name must now go before voters this November. But as the only candidate on the ballot, her confirmation is not in doubt.

Lawmakers call Border Patrol’s seizure of religious items from Sikh migrants ‘egregious violation’

U.S. border agents in the Yuma sector have seized turbans from almost 50 Sikh asylum-seekers in recent weeks, civil rights advocates said in an alarming letter earlier this month. But volunteers with an immigrant advocacy group along the borderlands revealed the number could actually be into the hundreds, and that these religious freedom violations have also stretched into the Tucson sector. Lawmakers are now demanding answers in an Aug.

Border agents seize turbans from dozens of Sikh migrants: ‘Serious religious-freedom violations’

Border Patrol agents have violated the religious freedom of dozens of asylum-seekers throughout the past two months alone, confiscating and refusing to return turbans belonging to almost 50 Sikh individuals who have crossed the southern border into Arizona.

Advocates have noted border agents seizing turbans and other sacred items from Sikh migrants as far back as 2019, and rising sharply this past June, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Arizona said.

Separated mom was told to forget about her son because he would be put up for adoption, lawsuit says

An asylum-seeking parent who has filed a lawsuit against the federal government after being separated from her son under the previous administration’s zero-tolerance policy said they were never even given a chance to hug goodbye. Instead, M.S.E., as she is known in court documents, said her son, identified only as J.M., could only wave as officers ripped him and other children from their parents for legally seeking asylum.


In significant shift, most Massachusetts voters support driver’s licenses for undocumented residents

Massachusetts Republicans want to make roads less safe by calling for the repeal of a law that will allow undocumented residents in the commonwealth to apply for driver’s licenses and drive legally. The Work and Mobility Act was passed in June and doesn’t even go into effect for another year, but state Republican officials and candidates are backing an effort to get a repeal on November’s ballot.

After shamelessly airing Pride promo, Fox spent nearly every day of June attacking LGBTQ people

It is a fact that the Fox propaganda channel is virulently anti-LGBTQ. In just one example, Daily Kos’ Marissa Higgins has previously reported how the right-wing outlet has played a significant role in re-popularizing the Anita Bryant-era “groomer” slur against LGBTQ people. 

Oh, but that’s just outright false, Fox might rebut. We honored LGBTQ Pride month just a couple weeks ago, it might insist.

‘Go back to your country’: Immigrants allege physical and racist abuse at Florida detention facility

The federal government has been slapped with another civil rights complaint alleging abuses against immigrants in U.S. custody, this time at a facility in Florida. More than a dozen people either currently or formerly detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at the Baker County Detention Center (Baker) say in the complaint that they were subject to “frequent” physical and verbal abuse, including arbitrary punishment and racist harassment.

Advocates say Del Rio probe ‘was not about truth or justice’ after Haitians erased from report

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) this month finally released the long-awaited report on the mistreatment of Haitian migrants at Del Rio last fall, but the demand for justice is nowhere near over. While the report said border agents used “unnecessary” force and derogatory language against migrants, investigators claimed they found “no evidence” that agents “struck, intentionally or otherwise, any migrant with their reins.

Lawmakers urge Biden admin to spare San Antonio survivors from possible detention and deportation

Nearly two dozen members of the U.S. House have added their voices to a recent call urging the Biden administration to protect the survivors of the horrific San Antonio tragedy last month, which resulted in the deaths of 53 people and hospitalized at least 16 others. San Antonio Rep. Joaquin Castro leads 22 colleagues in asking the survivors be spared from deportation and detention, and be allowed to quickly access certain humanitarian visas.

DACA recipients continue pushing for legislation as program goes before conservative appeals court

While the Supreme Court in June 2020 ruled against the previous administration’s attempt to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, it didn’t mark the end of GOP-led litigation against the popular and successful policy. Nearly a year ago, a notoriously anti-immigrant judge ruled against the program following a lawsuit from corrupt Texas attorney general Ken Paxton.

‘Top Chef’ contestant and DACA recipient Byron Gomez calls policy ‘a life-changing experience’

Byron Gomez worked his way from Burger King worker to Top Chef cooking competition contestant to executive chef at an Aspen, Colorado, restaurant. In between that time, he’s also worked under noted chefs Daniel Boulud and Daniel Humm.

While he’s accomplished this through his own talent and grit, he says the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has played a monumental part in his advancement.

San Antonio semi-truck victims sought to help sick loved ones, reunite with family

While officials have said it could possibly take weeks to identify all 53 victims from this past week’s horrific tragedy in San Antonio, some are now publicly known. Two of the youngest were just 13, The Washington Post reports. 

Pascual Melvin Guachiac Sipac and Juan Wilmer Tulul Tepaz, Indigenous cousins from Guatemala, started their journey just over two weeks ago. Pascual was seeking to reunite with his dad in the U.S., the report said.

‘Put the food on our table every day’: Labor icon Dolores Huerta urges passage of farmworker bill

The U.S. House under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi last year passed a historic bill that would put undocumented farmworkers onto a path to legal status. That legislation passed the chamber with support from 30 Republicans, surpassing the bipartisan support for the bill legalizing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals beneficiaries. 

But more than a year after House passage, the U.S.

Survey reveals Black immigrant domestic workers continue to face pandemic-related instability

Black immigrant domestic workers who were already vulnerable in their workplace settings have continued to struggle more than two years since the onset of the pandemic, new survey findings show. The Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) Black Worker Initiative and the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) said that 37% of respondents from a survey of 1,000 domestic workers revealed the’ve had difficulty finding work.

Cory Booker becomes the second senator to join farmworkers as part of ‘Take Our Jobs’ challenge

New Jersey’s Cory Booker joined California farmworkers last week to harvest lettuce, plant tomatoes, and prepare leafy greens for selling, becoming the second U.S. senator to take part in the “Take Our Jobs” campaign.

To date, only Booker and California Senator Alex Padilla have accepted the challenge from United Farm Workers’ (UFW), UFW Foundation (UFWF), and farmworkers to work side-by-side with them for one day.

‘Long live Plyler v. Doe’: Historic case that guarantees public education to all kids turns 40

The Latino families that launched the landmark lawsuit that guaranteed a public school education to all children regardless of immigration status went to court at great risk to themselves. An NBC News report marking the 40th anniversary of the Plyler v. Doe case this week said that when one of the four Texas families went to court to testify, they took their belongings with them because they were afraid they’d be deported.

The case would eventually go to the U.S.