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The Supreme Court has now become merely an extension of Fox News

It’s exceedingly rare that the Supreme Court simply snatches away an established constitutional right, let alone one impacting personal bodily autonomy that had stood for nearly half a century and enjoyed the support of well over half the nation’s citizens. It is completely anomalous when it does so with such evident glee and malevolence.

Far from a measured, evenhanded assessment of the law, the Alito opinion overruling Roe v.

Send in the clowns? Don’t bother, they’re here

In the Academy Award-winning 1984 film Amadeus, F. Murray Abraham brilliantly portrayed Antonio Salieri as a mediocre court composer who was so threatened by the meteoric rise and prodigious talents of Wolfgang Mozart that he spent the better part of his life mired in spite, trying to bring Mozart down.

Jan. 6 hearings reveal how easily millions were conned—and why they won’t stop believing in Trump

Con artists are a special breed of predator. Not only do they traffic in humanity’s most basic passions—their hopes, fears and expectations—but they rely on the singular human emotions of self-respect and self-worth in order to protect themselves from blowback if their con is discovered. The most painful thing for any person to admit is that they were snookered, led down the merry garden path by a huckster, or simply “ripped off.

After Roe is gone, even your prenatal care will depend on what state you live in

Most people who’ve had kids know the routine (some of us know it several times over): At certain points during pregnancy, tests are administered at various intervals to determine the existence of any abnormalities or unusual conditions. Tests for Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome, Patau’s syndrome, and spina bifida are typical.

Pennsylvania is revealing Republicans to be nothing but opportunistic, seditious liars

So we’re knee deep in potential recount territory in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. On one side we have a TV huckster named Mehmet Oz; on the other, a former hedge fund CEO named Dave McCormick. It seems that Republican voters despised both of these clowns about equally (even in spite of Trump’s endorsement of Oz, a fellow erstwhile Hollywood It-Boy) so much that both of them bled support to a right-wing, apparent bigot named Kathy Barnette.

Far-right Marine Le Pen pledges submission to Moscow, reminding us what Trump 2.0 would look like

In the span of a few weeks, the tilt of the geopolitical world has shifted so quickly that perhaps Americans just haven’t had enough time to digest how fortunate they are Donald Trump did not win the 2020 election. Doubtlessly the Ukrainians are aware, and those living in the Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are as well because their very lives would have been entirely forfeit or at grave risk right now.

The Party of Putin has an awful lot to answer for, but don’t hold your breath

Few foreign world leaders—let alone any murderous dictators—have received more solicitous treatment from the Republican Party during the last five years than Vladimir Putin. Imagine if Democrats so warmly and fulsomely embraced someone who now threatens to rain destruction down on our country (Osama Bin Laden comes to mind). Or if they had gleefully sent delegations to kowtow to that person’s criminal syndicate, thugs, and cronies (on the 4th of July, no less).

Is it really time to ‘open everything?’ Yes, writes Yascha Mounk for The Atlantic

This piece, written by Yascha Mounk and published this week in The Atlantic, has generated considerable debate (and engendered considerable angry pushback) on social media and in various outlets of widely varying political orientations, and because of its undeniable (if simplistic) appeal, it is probably worth bringing to people’s attention, if only for purposes of discussion.

DOJ releases new Jan. 6 video highlighting insurrectionists’ ‘legitimate political discourse’

Immediately after the Republican National Committee censured Reps. Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney for investigating the Jan. 6 attacks at the U.S. Capitol, accusing them of “persecuting” fellow Republicans who had (after all) simply been engaging in “legitimate political discourse,” the United States Department of Justice released previously unseen video of one of the insurrectionists participating in such “discourse.

The U.S. media are making a deadly mistake with Trump

The U.S. media are still flummoxed by the question of how to cover Donald Trump’s actions, even a full year after his ejection from the Oval Office. That ambivalence is understandable; never before in the history of this country has someone so thoroughly brazen and insouciant in his raw criminality occupied a position now enjoyed by Trump, whose every utterance now smacks of outright, seditious intent.

Sixth-grader who wrote to Tennessee governor opposing ‘permitless’ gun law is killed by stray bullet

By all accounts, Artemis Rayford was a happy, vibrant 12-year-old. He loved playing football and wearing his Tennessee Titans jersey. As a sixth-grader at Memphis, Tennessee’s Sherwood Middle School, Rayford had participated, just before the last year’s winter break, in a program his school coordinated with the Memphis Police Department—intended to discourage violence and gang activity. He and his fellow students learned about a new law passed in Jul.

Republicans are preparing another ‘Contract on America’ with the aid of … who else?

There are few people in modern political history who have done as much damage to our democracy as Newt Gingrich. As the prototypical, ideological Republican “bomb-thrower” who first came of age during the Reagan “revolution” in the 1990s, Gingrich ushered in and patented an era of hyperpartisan viciousness and crass, unrelenting political rancor that finally reached its apotheosis in a GOP now firmly under the thumb of Donald Trump.

If Democrats don’t act now, Republicans plan to hold the entire U.S. economy hostage in 2023

If Republicans take over the House of Representatives in 2023, they intend to force the Biden administration into making drastic cuts to domestic social programs in exchange for “agreeing” to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. Goaded by Donald Trump, their plan is to hold the country hostage, threatening to push all of us over the brink into an unprecedented fiscal calamity if their demands are not met.

In seven days, Trump showed Americans exactly what kind of human being he is

Imagine testing positive for COVID-19, then deliberately not telling anyone for a week that you tested positive while continuing to go about your normal routine, knowingly putting others at risk. Then imagine being so cowardly and venal that rather than admitting to that test, you instead decided to blame the grieving families of dead U.S. soldiers for exposing you because you were too afraid of the political consequences that would follow if you had told the truth to begin with.

The Washington Post’s opinion page hits rock bottom

News outlets under the First Amendment have a tremendous amount of leeway, and, of course, they should. They should be entitled to print diverse, conflicting, even vehemently oppositional views, and they shouldn’t be concerned about how many people might disagree with any given viewpoint they choose to print. Hell, that’s why we’re all here on Daily Kos.

Trump-backed PA Senate candidate Parnell drops out after losing custody suit amid abuse allegations

Donald Trump may think otherwise, but if a man can’t be trusted with his own children, one has to wonder why Pennsylvania voters would trust him with their vote. As reported by Kate Riga for TalkingPointsMemo:

A judge granted sole legal custody to Laurie Snell, the estranged wife of Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania Sean Parnell, after a bitter custody battle in which Snell accused him of assaulting both her and their children.

I love the smell of Republican recriminations in the morning

In the final vote count for the so-called “bipartisan” infrastructure bill now sailing towards President Joe Biden’s desk to become the law of the land, there were six Democratic “no” votes—all from a subset of House Democrats who Fox News considers equally interchangeable whenever it’s time to demonize the Democratic Party. They were Reps.